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WTB ByWay Road TCS Tire

WTB ByWay Road TCS Tire

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  • Smooth centerline for efficiency with diamond shaped outer knobs delivers a fast ride on hard surfaces and good grip in the dirt
  • High volume tire enables comfortable and confident ride
  • Dual DNA rubber compound
  • ROAD TCS CASING The pavement-going brother of our TCS Light casing. Tubeless simplicity paired with unbelievable road-feel in all the sizes you want.
  • DUAL DNA RUBBER COMPOUND: The perfect mix of efficiency, traction and durability. The centerline tread features a firmer rubber compound that boasts faster rolling and increased durability, while the side knobs are composed of softer, slower-rebounding rubber that improves control and grip.
  • Weight: 391g

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WTB ByWay Road TCS Tire