About Us

monkeybikeRedMonkey Sports, Inc. was founded in 2012 by a junior Moto rider, slash old school BMX racer turned MTB wacko, slash fanatical-product-nut, slash obsessive-computer-nerd, in the garage of his So Cal condo. – “How do we make it better?” was the repeating theme that kept him up all night and riding all day. It began with the idea of perfecting the silicone grip, which we’ve achieved. Now we are racing forward creating best-in-category products.

On November 1, 2021, RedMonkey made a leap forward and unveiled a completely new website filled with hundreds of cycling products from well-known brands in the industry. As our product line ‘evolves’ so must the RedMonkey brand. With the launch of our new website, we are moving in a dynamic and exciting direction offering some of the best cycling components available from over 100+ brands. Innovative and hand-picked products all well known in the cycling industry, tested and used by our RedMonkey Racing Team. All of the RedMonkey branded products that have helped define who we are, will remain as a ‘house brand’ and still be available. At heart we are all a bunch of fun-loving adventure seekers… with a certain palate for craft beers. Therefor we have also introduced a new video series called ‘Bikes & Brews’ where each episode we review a beer, discuss cycling products, and share our "cycling knowledge" ... well maybe we do one of those more than the other. Check them out on our video page!

RedMonkey Sports grips utilize a softer silicone compound and a more advanced extrusion process than other silicone-based grips.  This creates a dual density grip. The denser inside layer vibrates with the bar while the outer, more porous layer, vibrates with your hand, lending to a high vibration damping grip.  This process is also designed to give the grip a tacky texture so they can be used with or without gloves and mitigates slippage. The grips are also designed to absorb some moisture due to the more porous and lower density of the grip. They naturally have moisture absorption properties that pull some moisture into the grip. Other silicone-based grips use a hi-density silicone that doesn't allow for this.

New on the scene is our RedMonkey Sports Monkey Goo™ latex based tire sealant. It utilizes small particles of silicone that gather together around a puncture to help reduce air loss as the high-quality latex begins to clot and seal the hole. Comparison tests show Monkey Goo seals better and lasts longer than other sealants on the market. Designed for use in tubeless and tubular systems. Tested and proven to easily and quickly seal multiple punctures in real world and competition environments. Like all RedMonkey products, PROUDLY made in the USA.

And our most recent addition, RedMonkey Sports Banana Cream — Premium Chamois Cream, with the acquisition of Zevlin we have taken over the manufacturing and rebranded the popular, high quality chamois creams. 

At RedMonkey Sports, we are all about the love of cycling. Our staff members are all experienced riders and understand the products cyclists need. We design cycling accessories that fit the demands avid riders require, products that people love to use, and products that make cycling a safer and more comfortable sport. We believe in what we develop, and stand behind them 100%.

RedMonkey Sports is proud to donate a portion of sales to various cycling charities.  Learn more about the Cycling Charities we support here. We are also all about Customer Service. We want to make sure you enjoy our products as much as we do! Please contact our Customer Support with any issues you might have. From product design to shipping or returns, we will work hard to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. 

We will be adding and updating our products and designs throughout the year so check back often for new stuff!