ODI AG-2 Lock-On Grips 135MM
ODI AG-2 Lock-On Grips 135MM
ODI AG-2 Lock-On Grips 135MM
ODI AG-2 Lock-On Grips 135MM

ODI AG-2 Lock-On Grips (135MM)

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ODI's initial partnership with Aaron Gwin produced numerous innovations that pushed grip technology to new levels. With the new AG2 Grips, we wanted to take things even further. We started with an ultra soft pro compound and built this into an improved knurl pattern that provides extra tackiness and control along with reduced vibration transfer. We coupled this with our exclusive offset design that offers even more impact dampening where it is needed most, without increasing the grip diameter. We then redesigned the most impact prone portions of the grips to provide and even better feel and accurate control when riding.


  • NEW! LARGER DIAMETER -Grips feature a larger diameter than the original grips (30.5mm) with offset padding towards the rider for improved comfort.
  • NEW! SOFTER COMPOUND -Soft Pro Compound provides excellent shock absorption.
  • NEW! SURFACE PATTERN -Reassigned surface pattern for improved traction and vibration dampening.
  • NEW! IMPROVED ERGONOMICS -Redesigned Ends provide an improved feel.
  • ALUMINUM REINFORCED ENDS – Provide extra durability against grip blowout.
  • ANGLED RIB PATTERN – Thin ribs add control without a bulky feel.
  • SINGLE CLAMP – Uses our race-proven Version 2.1 Lock-On system.
  • HARD PLASTIC END – Molded over the aluminum end cap, the end provides durability but will not gouge.

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