Finish Line HALO Hot Wax Bag and Tool Set - 600g
Finish Line HALO Hot Wax Bag and Tool Set - 600g

Finish Line HALO Hot Wax Bag and Tool Set - 600g

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HALO Wax chain lubricant is engineered to dramatically improve drivetrain performance by reducing friction and wear caused by abrasive contaminants. Three elite grade ingredients deliver superior results:

  • Highly Refined Paraffin creates a robust, dry-to-the-touch coating that repels waler, sheds friction-causing abrasive contaminants, and helps eliminate chain stains
  • Spherical Tungsten features a proprietary hollow core to help reduce vibrational friction caused by high torque pedaling. Micron-size and spherical shape helps reduce sliding friction by creating a rolling effect the surface of the chain
  • Ceramic boron nitride platelets cover the chain to form a protective non-stick coating.This ceramic coating works synergistically with spherical tungsten to substantially reduce wear and help extend the life of drivetrain components
  • Shake vigorously and apply to a clean, dry chain and allow to FULLY dry (6-12 hours). Apply a second coating for peak performance. After riding in wet conditions, dry chain and reapply lubricant. For optimal application, HALO WAX should be <50°F/10°C

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