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Exposure Lights Toro Mk12 Rechargeable Headlight

Exposure Lights Toro Mk12 Rechargeable Headlight

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Toro Mk12 has a Trail focused beam with up to 3200 lumens on Boost with a lightweight body that illuminates everything singletrack can throw at you. Offering 2000 lumens on constant with multiple modes provide the right amount of light when needed and giving 2-36 hour run time.
  • Reflex automatically adjusts the light to increase output when riding fast then dimming for the slower sections, saving battery life
  • OLED display panel gives clear information light status including battery life
  • Smart Port+ enables the charge port to accept auxiliary accessories such as rear lights, remote switches, Support Cells and to use your light as a power bank to charge USB devices
  • Intelligent Thermal Management prevents overheating and maximizing battery life
  • Optimised Mode Selector allows rider to fine tune power and run times for the ride

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Exposure Lights Toro Mk12 Rechargeable Headlight