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Cygolite Hotrod 120 USB Rear Light

Cygolite Hotrod 120 USB Rear Light

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  • 120 lumen red tail light with 7 lighting modes for road cyclists
  • Continuous array of LEDs work in unison to shine an extra wide and powerful glow
  • Ultra low profile, water-resistant only weighs 35g
  • USB rechargeable with 1:15 to 70h of run time, and 3h recharge time
  • Built-in 24/7 Safety Technology gives 7 night/day modes (DayLightning High Flash, High Steady, Group Low Steady, SteadyPulse, Zoom, Bzzz Flash, Low Flash)
  • SteadyPulse mode features a steady beam to help motorists gauge their distance while overlapping pulses keep them alert at night
  • Zoom mode signals those around you with a gentle change in brightness
  • New on Hotrod, Bzzz Flash mode alerts those around you with highly visible fast buzz-like flashes
  • Low battery indicator alerts you when a charge is needed
  • Light mode memory saves the mode you're in before the light is turned off
  • VersatiteTM flexible mount attaches to seat posts including aerobars
  • Designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA

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Cygolite Hotrod 120 USB Rear Light