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CatEye Sync and Kinetic Light Set: Black

CatEye Sync and Kinetic Light Set: Black

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SYNC Core and Kinetic is the combo you need to unlock the benefits of SYNC technology for unparalleled levels of 360-degree visibility, day or night.
  • CatEye's SYNC light collection connects and controls up to 7 lights using the SYNC smartphone app
  • The SYNC Core headlight is a compact and lightweight rechargeable light with a 500 lumen output
  • SYNC Core features 5 different light modes allowing you to select the right level of visibility
  • The SYNC Kinetic taillight automatically turns on with 50 lumen brightness when bike deceleration is detected
  • SYNC Kinetic features 6 different light modes for safety at all times of day
  • When used together, the SYNC Core and Kinetic lights provide superior 360 degree visibility from front and rear
  • Excellent Daytime visibility with Daytime HyperConstant (Core) or HyperFlash (Kinetic) modes
  • Battery: Front- 1, INR 18650 Lithium lon Rechargeable, 3.7(V), 8.14(Wh), 43.5g, Rear- 1, SDL-80135 Lithium lon Rechargeable, 3.7(V), 1.85(Wh), 10.7g, Included

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CatEye Sync and Kinetic Light Set: Black