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Feedback Sports Range Torque + Ratchet Wrench

Feedback Sports Range Torque + Ratchet Wrench

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  • Range Torque + Ratchet Wrench The all-new Range Torque Wrench + Ratchet Wrench Combo simplifies proper bike maintenance by combining the precision of a bar-style torque wrench and speed of 2-way ratchet wrench in a compact, lightweight and portable package. There’s no need to set a specific indexed torque, or go searching for missing bits – select your bit from the case’s labeled inserts, ratchet for quick thread engagement and use the torque head to match manufacturer specifications for torque.
    • Ratchet wrench for speed; torque wrench for precision
    • Infinite torque capabilities within the 2-10Nm range
    • 2-way ratchet wrench protects the integrity of torque wrench function
    • 6-degree ratchet engagement maneuvers in tight spaces
    • Torque validation for “bolt-checks” on any bicycle components
    • Compact head and bit design allows clearance and full function in tight spaces
    • 14 labeled S2 Steel* allen key, torx bit, and Phillips head bits covering the most common bicycle applications

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Feedback Sports Range Torque + Ratchet Wrench