Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote
Wolf Tooth ReMote

Wolf Tooth Components ReMote

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The Wolf Tooth ReMote was developed for fast, precise, and smooth dropper post actuation. It is ergonomic, durable, low-profile, and has multiple fitments available to integrate with a variety of brake clamps.

  • Large-diameter ball-bearing pivot: An industry first, the ReMote uses a massive 21mm sealed cartridge bearing for smooth operation and unparalleled modulation.
  • High-traction lever: A machined surface ensures that control is not lost, even in the worst of conditions.
  • Integrated cable adjustment: The ReMote solidly-mounted barrel adjuster makes on-the-fly adjustments quick and easy while eliminating the rattles caused by common inline cable adjusters.
  • Cable-kind clamp: A precision-machined cable path and custom clamping screw with captive washer won’t damage cables like more common set screws. As an added bonus, cables can be cut to length and crimped prior to securing.
  • Low-profile lever: The ReMote lever sits close to the bar, minimizing the distance the thumb must be removed from the grip while reducing the likelihood of knee contact in technical terrain and adds a bit of extra length to overcome stiff dropper internals.
  • UpFront cable fixing: The dropper cable is attached at the lever, making setup and adjustment quick and easy. Simply secure cable at seatpost using stock barrel or cable clamp and route to bar for a significant reduction in installation time and frustration.
  • Breakaway axle pivot: Crashes are bad, but expensive crashes are worse. That’s why the ReMote features an engineered failure point, allowing the lever to break away from its base in the event of a crash. 
  • Broad compatibility: The ReMote has been tested and is recommended for use with many cable-actuated dropper posts. See the compatibility section below for details.
  • Made in the USA: Wherever the capabilities exist, Wolf Tooth is committed to domestic manufacturing. From lever to packaging, 65% or more of each ReMote is made in the USA.


    • Compatible with all cable actuated dropper posts.
    • Works with dropper posts that have the barrel end of the cable at the remote and those that have the barrel end at the post.  
    • If your post is not listed in the charts below, measure the pivot center to end of your current lever. If it is greater than 52mm the Light Action will work best.  If it is less than 52mm, the Standard ReMote will work best.
    • ReMote for Hope is only compatible Tech 3 brakes. There are two generations of Hope Tech 3 brakes. Our ReMote is designed to work  with the early model of the Tech 3 brake levers. The newer model of the Tech 3 brakes has a threaded hole and will require some modifications to our ReMote base. 
    • Contact Wolf Tooth customer service for other post compatibility questions.

      Mounting Type by Brake Model

      XTR M9100 XTR M9020 Saint M820
      XT M8100 XTR M9000 XT M780
      SLX M7100 XT M8000 SLX M670
      Deore M6100 SLX M7000 Deore M615
      Deore M4100 Deore M6000 XTR M980
          XTR M95
          Zee M640
      Shimano model # can be found on the fluid reservoir


      SRAM Brakes
      MatchMaker X Not Compatible
      Guide RS Code R Guide T
      Guide R Code RSC Level
      Level TL G2 R Level T
      Level TLM G2 RS  
      Level Ultimate G2 RSC  
      Guide RE    
      G2 Ultimate    


      MAGURA Brakes
      All current models are compatible


        Mounting Types

        • ReMote IS-AB for Shimano I-SPEC AB - Includes IS-AB hardware
        • ReMote IS-II for Shimano I-SPEC II - Includes IS-II hardware 
        • ReMote MM SRAM/Avid MatchMaker X - Includes the MatchMakerX hardware, which is a T-Nut and bolt that allows the ReMote MM to attach to the MatchMakerX clamp.
        • ReMote 22.2mm - includes hinged handlebar clamp for 22.2mm handlebars. All mountain bike handlebars are 22.2mm where your shift and brake levers attach even on 31.8mm handlebars. (31.8mm and 35mm handlebars just refer to the diameter where the stem clamps). Attach with 1-2Nm max.
        • ReMote 31.8 is available for road bikes where the ReMote is mounted next to the stem.
        • ReMote Magura for Magura brakes - Includes Magura hardware
        • ReMote Hope for Tech3 Hope Brakes - Includes Hope hardware (see compatibility above)
        • ReMote IS-EV for Shimano I-SPEC EV - Includes IS-EV hardware


        Standard and Light Action Comparison

        The ReMote Light Action lever is 25% longer which reduces the push force by 25% compared to the ReMote. The shorter lever on ReMote means that you have to push the lever a shorter distance to actuate your post which makes it quicker. Most droppers work great with both and it comes down to personal preference on the firmness of the lever feel and extension of the lever over the grip.

        If you need help selecting a ReMote don’t hesitate to contact us.


          Tech Specs

          Weight: Shimano IS-AB • 36g  |  Shimano IS-II • 35g  |  SRAM MM • 38.5g  |  22 (hinged clamp) • 38g  |  Magura • 36.5g |  Hope • 36g  |  Shimano IS-EV • 35g
          Material: 6061 T6 aluminum with Delrin axle
          Not Included:Cables
          US Patent 10473143
          Made in the USA


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