OK so maybe I'm getting lazy in my years but being able to get ready while your tires inflate is pretty cool! So I recently picked up a hands free cordless inflator called the EFLATOR by Fix Manufacturing and while this company isn't the first to come out with an auto inflator, the size, price, and features are nice. Simply screw the hose onto a Schrader or Presta valve (presta adaptor included) select your pressure and start it up. Walk away, get ready, and in about a minute or so your tire is pumped up to the psi selected and the unit automatically shuts off. The unit also has a very convenient little light (similar to one on an iPhone) that is actually a great addition! 

The Size: At 3.5 inches wide, 1.9 inches thick and 5.4 inches tall, this thing is PERFECT for tossing in your Race Day Bag or even in your car’s glovebox (side note: Why is it called a glove box? Does anyone really store their gloves in there?). It’s a bit too heavy (15 oz. / 430g) to actually carry on a ride. I would opt for a small hand pump for that. However, if weight is not too much of an issue and you are out with a bigger group of riders bombing down trails, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to lug this around!

The Battery: It has a built in, rechargeable 2000mAh battery that can inflate up to nine MTB tires up to 30 psi on a single charge. You can recharge the battery with a USB-C cable that comes with the unit. Because its USB-C it charges pretty fast!

The Display: The display is big enough for these old eyes to see. It has + / - buttons on it to increase or decrease the pressure, however the black buttons and the black symbols are hard to see. If you hold down the + or – it adds/decreases faster so you don’t have to click it 1,000,000 times to go from 0 to 90. It has a “M” button, which you would think would mean “Memory” to store preselected pressures but no, this actually starts the unit pumping. You can also hold this button to display psi, bar, kPA, or kg/cm2. There is also a button to toggle four psi pre-sets but I don’t know who came up with them. 9/30/32/36 psi. Makes no sense to me but whatever.

Conclusion: Overall this is a great little unit that comes in very handy when I’m in a rush and need to do a couple things at once, or if I don’t want to lug around a big floor pump in my car. It’s great for road trips. Some draw backs are that it’s pretty loud and at $99 it’s a bit of an investment, but most decent floor pumps are around the same. I’m not really fond of the presta adaptor, would have been better if it was just one hose that connected to both. Overall I think it’s a great tool to have!



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