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Silca Piloti Bar Tape
Silca Piloti Bar Tape

Silca Piloti Bar Tape

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 The Piloti provides high tack grip with the most advanced foam in bar tape. Get cushioning equivalent to a 2.5mm tape with just 1.85mm of foam; comfort without the added bulk of thicker tapes. Using a laminate of SILCAthane, SILCAlon and 3M Visco-elastic adhesive instead of a single foam extrusion, the tape can be optimized across a range of desired features. The resulting tape has a softer, more comfortable feel, higher wet and dry grip, better vibration isolation, and 3-5x the durability of existing tape materials.

  • High tack top layer
  • 3M adhesive backing
  • Includes Aluminum expanding bar plugs
  • Butterfly brake clamp cover that doesn't add bulk
  • Fully adhesive finishing tape
  • 1.85mm of foam

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Silca Piloti Bar Tape