MTX Braking Gold Label HD Brake Pads

MTX Braking Gold Label HD Brake Pads

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Modulation coupled with longevity

Our Gold Label HD ceramic brake pad was designed with e-mountain bikes & heavier riders in mind. Made with proprietary blends of Kevlar®, MTX CeraEVO® ceramic materials and other Japan-sourced additives and modifiers, we are bringing the performance benefit of ceramic to the cycling industry.

Who is the Gold Label HD compound for?

Right compound for the conditions


The heavier weight of a eMTB or e-bike in general, requires brake pad material that has a higher tolerance to heat and wear.

The clydesdales

If you’re 200+ pounds, this really is the performance brake pad compound you’ve been looking for.

Steep terrain / long descents

Choose Gold Label HD to eliminate brake-fade, while maintaining outstanding modulation in adverse terrain.

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