Delta Alloy Stem Raiser Silver
Delta Alloy Stem Raiser Silver

Delta Alloy Stem Raiser Silver

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Making the decision to buy a bicycle is only half the battle to ensuring a comfortable ride. Like a pair of jeans, most bikes are designed for an average-sized person, of a certain age. For those riders who are taller than average or are looking for a more comfortable position, delta’s bicycle Stem Raiser and Stem Raiser Pro provide the ideal handlebar riser solution.

  • Height Extension: Increases bar height up to 3.25"
  • Comfortable Cycling: Elevate your handlebar for a better posture and added comfort.
  • Quality Construction: 6061 Aluminum and T6 heat treatment construction provides trusted strength and durability when in use.
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction
  • Weight: 0.5 lbs / 230 grams

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