9.5mm Cäm Gorilla Ergonomic Silicone Grips - Black

You wanted bigger, we give you the Gorilla!

The new RedMonkey Sports Cäm 9.5mm Gorilla Multi-position Ergonomic grips are 100% silicone and designed to be positioned where the grip feels most comfortable to the rider! We feel an ergonomic grip shouldn't dictate a riders hand position, each rider has their own unique style and the RedMonkey Sports Cäm Ergonomic grip with its Patent Pending design can be positioned to support the most important hand position... YOURS! We suggest angles that support different hand positions and riders can fine tune the angle to best suit their own riding style. Improves hand position for climbing.

  • 9.5mm of super comfy high vibration damping silicone
  • Multi-position ergonomic design
  • Unique design increases grip and comfort while climbing
  • Perfect for longer rides
  • Fits Mountain Bike bars 22.2 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 106 grams (with end caps)
  • Length: 133mm (5.25")
  • USA Made in the USA

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