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Body Geometry Bike Fit

A good bike fit is essential! Bike geometry is important when buying a new bike as it directly affects handling, and the best geometry depends on your specific riding style. The difference between a bike that fits and one that doesn't can mean the difference between having pain or not. When you sit on a ill-fitting bike for hours, the fact that you're pedaling the same motion over and over, even with the slightest discrepancy, can lead to serious discomfort and injury.

A well-fitted bike can yield significant performance gains. When it comes to building an elite road bike, every conceivable geometric detail is meticulously considered, and small differences add up to big wins or losses.

This is where it comes down to the importance of fitting your bike properly. Our bike fitting expert can help you determine your own bike size based on how you ride your bike and what type of adventure you want to ride.

Schedule your bike fit today at:

 Price: $275

Time: 2.5 hours

What to expect:

• Pre Assessment Interview (15 mins)

We want to understand your cycling/sports experience, where you are coming from and your expectations as you grow into the cycling lifestyle.

• Pre-Fit Body Assessment (45 mins)

We need to understand you, the rider, what your body can do and its limitations.

• Bike Fit (90 mins)

A multi- step on-the-bike process to provide you with the most efficient and pain free experience.

Things you will need:

▪︎ Your bicycle

▪︎ Cycling clothes and shoes

▪︎ Hydration


Body Geometry Bike Fit