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Athletes and Acid:     What elite, high performance, and  aging athletes need to understand and avoid excess acid build up in their muscles, a  condition called Sport Induced Acidosis.   by Robert Burns, PhD   Elite and high performance sport athletes continually push at the boundaries of physics, trying to compress time into ever-smaller increments or beat gravity at its own game. In the process, they often redefine what is “humanly possible,” not only for themselves but, in some cases, for all of us. As every athlete knows, in the sports world a millisecond or the slightest internal or external...

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As racers and cyclists we hold on tight to many things, both literally and figuratively. We hold tight to our handlebars so as not to lose control. We hold tight to our training plans and goals for probably the same reason. I’ve spent many seasons racing my bike and hoping it would look a certain way: [...]

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